How are space and time interconnected?

The interconnection of space and time is a central concept in Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. In special relativity, Einstein introduced the idea of spacetime as a unified framework. In this four-dimensional spacetime, three dimensions represent space (length, width, height), and the fourth dimension is time. Special relativity revealed that space and time are intertwined and that the geometry of spacetime can be affected by motion. Objects in motion experience time dilation and length contraction relative to observers in different reference frames, demonstrating the intimate connection between space and time. General relativity expanded on this by introducing the concept of gravity as the curvature of spacetime. Massive objects, like planets and stars, warp the fabric of spacetime around them, causing other objects to follow curved paths in response to gravity. This profound interconnection between space and time has been experimentally confirmed and is a cornerstone of modern physics.