How does one define “self”?

The question of how to define the “self” is a philosophical and psychological inquiry into the nature of personal identity and self-awareness. It delves into the concept of who we are as individuals and how we distinguish ourselves from others and from the external world. Various philosophical perspectives and psychological theories have been proposed to address the nature of the self. Philosophers have debated whether the self is a unified and enduring entity or a collection of ever-changing experiences and perceptions. Psychological theories, including those rooted in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, explore how the self is constructed through memory, self-awareness, and social interactions. The concept of the self is also influenced by cultural and societal factors, as different cultures and traditions may have distinct views of the self. The question of selfhood raises issues of personal identity, consciousness, and the relationship between the individual and the external world. It continues to be a subject of philosophical reflection, psychological research, and interdisciplinary exploration.